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Jen Badasci and Christopher Allan Poe are the award-winning Los Angeles-based screenwriting partnership, BadPoe, who create stories and short films that take an unflinching look at humanity in all of its elegance, horror, devastating beauty, and absurdity.

Their current script MIRIAM--a horror/thriller featuring Miriam of Nazareth leading up to the birth of Christ--has placed in the Quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship and Page International, as well as the finals of the Santa Barbara Screenplay Awards.

“I was consistently wrapped up in the piece and always wanted to see what was going to happen next. The pace of the story was harrowing at times and filled with intrigue. I was engaged and I cared emotionally.”
-Academy Nicholl Fellowship on Miriam.

“This screenplay is tight and well written. The writer(s) clearly understand dramatic structure and use it to their advantage as well as how to build a rising action story.”
– L.A. International Screenplay Awards on Miriam

BadPoe’s first script, CHIMERA, placed in the quarterfinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship and was a finalist in both Script Pipeline and Page International.

“This was not only an exciting script but also one that creeped me the hell out.”
-Page International on Chimera.

“Chimera is a strong action-thriller script with a really well constructed story.”
–Script Pipeline on Chimera.

After their second screenplay, DARK NOISE, took Best Screenplay at Shriekfest, BadPoe produced and directed the music video for the band Insect's song BODY SNATCHERS. They have since moved into pre-production for their short film for their screenplay MIRIAM.

Poe is an award-winning published author of fiction and non-fiction and a national conference speaker. Badasci is a produced playwright and award-winning writer, who holds an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in screenwriting for film and television. They have been an exclusive partnership for five years.